Sneak Preview of SleepHero App Update

A new version of SleepHero is soon to be available on the App Store, which has some great improvements:

New sleek scrolling icon design.

The current version uses photo images for each white noise. Although we like these images they didn’t always look so good on different device sizes (i.e. iPad and iPhone 4). The images themselves were also pretty large (approx 2MB each) so made the SleepHero download rather slow, especially on 3G mobile signals. After overwhelming user feedback the white noise library now uses sleek and slender icons to represent each sound. Not only are they easier to relate to, we’ve found that the children love them too! The icons re-size beautifully for different device sizes and scroll smoothly across the screen with an easy finger swipe.

10 new white noise sounds

The update includes new sounds from around the house and inspired by nature including:

Dripping Tap
Rain On Car Roof
White Noise

Performance improvements

We’ve optimized the artwork and audio to take up less space, and the app uses much less memory so will go easier on your device.

Watch this space for an announcement for when the new version of SleepHero is available. To download the current version click here: