Hi this is me, Rob, the creator of SleepHero. I’m a dad of two young kids (a 3 and a 1 year old) and I also run a small app development company.


SleepHero came about after experiencing what most new parents endure – crying babies and sleepless nights. We tried many techniques but came to realise that 10 minutes of daddy’s singing sent Master F back to sleep quite effectively. This of course meant that a bleary-eyed daddy was still required in person to deliver the dulcet tones.

What was needed, I thought, was a robot to step in at night to handle all singing requests from the little person. And so began the design of an app that would unashamedly trick my son into thinking that daddy was on night call to recite endless renditions of Twinkle Twinkle and Rock-a-bye Baby. SleepHero was born.

The arrival of our second child Lady G prompted further enhancements when we discovered she was more of a video girl, rather than an audio kid like Master F. The VLoop featured deployed through a smartphone projector yielded surprisingly successful results.

By now, Master F was out of his cot prison and into the big boy bed. He could no longer be fooled. Sticker charts had been a great help during potty training so I figured that perhaps some sticker rewards would encourage him to settle himself at night. Amazingly they did, so the sticker chart feature was bundled into SleepHero as another tool in a parent’s armoury against sleepless nights.

SleepHero has also been tested among a small army of enthusiastic parents and their feedback has helped to shape the app you see today. Further parent feedback is always welcomed and I will continue to develop new features to help you save as much sleep as possible!

All children are different and I hope that at least one of the app’s features will help your child (and you) to sleep through the night. Please note that SleepHero is not a substitute for caring and loving parenting (this might come in version 2).


SleepHero is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad and can be downloaded from the App Store.