SleepHero 5 Star Reviews

A big thank you to those parents who’ve left glowing reviews on the App Store. We’re really happy that SleepHero is making a big difference! If you find SleepHero useful then please leave a review/rating as it really helps. Here are a couple of recent reviews (from the UK App Store):

by Johnerswatson
This app has simply transformed my life! Maybe a slight exaggeration – but it has helped make a massive difference! The human need of sleep is never fully appreciated until you lose it – or become a parent – to twins!
We had previously used other noise apps, with differing success – but the automated feature with Sleep Hero totally changed things. I would go as far to say that the small cost of this app is among the best value I have ever received – from anything!! Sleep is valuable!

A fantastic app for my little party animal
by JMW34P
I read a few reviews in the news about sleephero and decided to give it a go. My daughter would rarely settle in the evening despite cuddles, food and nappy changes. After downloading the app and playing a few of the sounds she started to settle quickly. Her favourites (or to put it better, my favourites) are the flute and submarine. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

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